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Тест на знание английского языка

Если Вы решили записаться в языковой центр “HIJAZZ” на курсы английского языка в Казани, необходимо узнать каким уровнем языка Вы владеете, так как языковые группы в нашем центре делятся на 6 уровней согласно мировому стандарту. В этом нам поможет тест на уровень знания английского языка, разработанный нашими специалистами. Вы можете пройти его прямо сейчас.

После того, как вы пройдете тест, будет определен ваш уровень владения языком. Согласно этому уровню мы подберем подходящую для вас языковую группу и программу обучения английскому языку.

Итак, для прохождения теста нужна спокойная обстановка, сосредоточенность, внимательность. Совершенно не нужны справочники, словари, учебники. Запомните результат прохождения теста, чтобы сообщить его при записи на курсы в наш центр. Пройдите этот тест прямо сейчас! Желаем вам удачи!

We _____ to France last summer.
I always _____ toast for breakfast.
_____ your brother play the guitar?
My mum doesn’t like _____ to work.
They _____ TV at the moment.
I _____ to Rome.
What _____ tomorrow afternoon?
We _____ to Rome and then we drove to Florence.
She _____ to school today because she’s ill.
I _____ at the moment because I’m on holiday.
Have you ever _____ Japanese food?
They _____ pizza. They had pasta.
Who _____ your favourite actors?
How often _____ to the cinema?
They _____ early on Sundays.
This is _____ interesting book. Have you read it?
I often go shopping _____ the weekend.
The children played _____ in the garden.
These shoes aren’t _____. Look! They’re too small.
_____ there any biscuits?
She hardly _____ travels abroad.
Paul left work an hour _____.
How _____ chocolate do you eat?
This is _____ film I’ve ever seen.
I’m younger _____ my sister.
‘Have you finished that report?’ ‘No, not ________.’
What ________ you do yesterday afternoon?
I ________ in the park when it started raining.
‘________ you ever been to the museum?’ ‘No, this is the first time.’
He couldn’t remember where he ________ his car.
We ________ work tomorrow.
I ________ the gym on Thursday evenings.
I put ________ salt in the pasta.
Hello! Come in. I’ve ________ made some coffee. Would you like some?
‘I don’t want to rent a horror film.’ ‘________ do I.’
________ in the sea makes you really strong.
It’s snowing. ________.
A key is a thing ________ you use to open doors.
________ to the basketball match on Saturday?
She ________ invite him if she didn’t want him to come.
I need some advice. What ________ I do?
This castle ________ in 1600.
I don’t have ________ money left, because I bought a new jacket.
He ________ me not to tell anyone.
What ________ you do if she doesn’t reply to your email?
Let’s order a pizza. We don’t have ________ to cook for dinner.
They’ve lived in the same house ________ forty years.
I ________ come and see you tonight if I can borrow Joe’s car.
I think this is the ________ song on the CD.
That case is too heavy for you. I ________ you.