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Teaching Russian language to foreigners using Skype


The Linguistic Centre “Hijzazz” teaches Russian language to foreigners using Skype. Professional and experienced teachers teach Russian to foreigners. Education is on-line.

Terms of on-line learning in the Linguistic Centre Hijazz

  1. The cost of the 1st lesson on-line is 25 Euros for 1 academic hour (45 minutes).
  2. The recommended amount of lessons – 8 hours or more
  3. The education is individual via Skype and email.
  4. The initial consultation with the teacher is free.
  5. Class times are agreed with the student.
  6. Individual program of education.
  7. Educational materials are provided.
  8. The student is given homework.
  9. A certificate of the Linguistic Centre Hijazz is given.

If you want to learn Russian language, you need:

  1. To fill in the form.
  2. To have a video call from the teacher on Skype and get free advice on learning Russian language.
  3. To get an invoice for payment and pay for it.
  4. Send payment proof.
  5. Get the syllabus, course materials for the first lesson, a consistent lesson schedule.
  6. Start classes.

What you will know and will be able to do after the courses:

  • read and write in Russian,  communicate in Russian on the Internet, participate  actively in Russian-language forums and social networks
  • overcome language barriers and get the conversational skills in Russian
  •  prepare for the trip to Russia and learn more about it
  • improve your skills in Russian, if you have already studied it in your own country or in Russia.


Call us!
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e-mail: ooohijazz@gmail.com

Good luck!

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